Lookyourbestunderarrest.com is a site different from other mugshot sites in that they truly try to only portray charged and guilty individuals. They care about the people on their site that are actually innocent and will take down your mugshot, free of charge, if you are able to provide documentation showing your innocence. Another difference from other sites is that they de-index your name from the search so that it does not show up anymore. They even try to help charged and guilty individuals by letting them provide their own photos and explanation for their charges. Overall, they are quick to respond and very helpful.


Look your best under arrest has been extremely helpful and caring. I honestly didn't think they would care to help me get my mugshot removed from online especially since to them and everyone else I looked like a guilty criminal with my face all over the Internet. I decided to give it a try and ask them to please remove me from their website and help me clear my name. What I received from them was more than I could have ever asked. Sloan, the founder of the website responded back very quickly and treated me like a friend who cared. All I had to do is send in a certified disposition from court and I was immediately taken off their website and they even offered to help get me removed from other websites as well. No begging, no money sent, no hassles from them. They truly are different from other websites that only want to give you a hassle and take your money or not even respond back at all.All I wanted was to not be betrayed as someone i am not, a guilty criminal,and they helped me do just that. So thank you again Look your best under arrest, you are a huge help. I just wish the people behind other websites like yours cared like you do.


I was arrested by a bully cop for showing him I know my rights, and he had the power to arrest me so he did. After reviewing the facts and circumstances the State Attorney decided not to prosecute or file charges. I then found out that my mug shot and arrest records are all over the internet as started contacting the websites to request them to remove my records. Lookyourbestunderarrest.com was one of the first results in google, the first to respond to my message and the first to actually care. Sloan, the founder was so understanding and even offered to help fight the other guys/websites for ignoring my messages. I am thankful beyond words and hope all business owners would have the kind of integrity and empathy towards their clients.

K. Yudovski

Look Your Best Under Arrest was so helpful at a time when everything was falling apart. I took the steps necessary to get my mugshot off the site and then immediately emailed the info page PLEADING that they take down my mugshot immediately. I was desperate and had sent a similar pleading email to many other sites. When everyone else ignored me or responded "NO" - the Founder emailed me back and told me (s)he was on it - and the mugshot was down right away! In addition to that, the company has continued to reach out to me asking what other sites I am on and how they can help get me off of those sites. The founder also took the time to let me know what the mission of the site was - and let me know I could get involved to help others who are as desperate as I felt that first night. I am so glad I stumbled upon this site - it made me feel less alone!

K.O - Tampa FL

Lookyourbestunderarrest.com was such an amazing help! Within a few hours I had a response that was not only very professional but helpful as well. I honestly did not expect such great service, I was very surprised and delighted to have been treated so well. I have a quick comparison here, I've contacted another site in regards to the same situation and have not yet received a single email back in four days, versus receiving an email within a few hours from lookyourbestunderarrest.com. I'd highly recommend this site to anyone of my friends and family, which I have already done. Thank you guys for being so awesome!