Why create a site like this?

More and more people are having “Google problems.”  They usually look like this:

a) someone got arrested; b) the local newspaper wrote about it; c) prosecutors dropped the charges completely; d) the person’s record was expunged (in other words, the slate was wiped clean); but e) the original arrest article, however, is still online.

Now whenever anyone searches that person’s name, the arrest is one of the top Google results even though they’re weren’t guilty.

You can imagine the trouble this causes for the individual seeking the article’s takedown: difficulty getting a job, a promotion, or even a date.  It seems unfair that even though the judicial system saw fit to remove all traces of the arrest from the person’s record, there’s no corresponding requirement that the local newspaper do the same.  What’s the point of expunging a record when anyone with internet access can bring up an old, bogus arrest? Even if a court of law drops the matter, the court of public opinion has condemned that person for life. 

The free speech rights of publisher’s trump those of individuals.

We all talk about wanting to change the world... So why is nothing changing? 2 words: human nature. Hate, anger, superiority. It’s so much easier to hide behind your computer screen, kick others when down and wallow in your self-righteousness. I state this because otherwise, why, until now, has no one come up with an idea to capitalize on helping all the currently troubled people as they can easily be found IN ONE SPOT. And where is that dark, scary, hopeless little island you ask? Commonly referred to as the "mugshot racket", where, under the guise of "helping the public", websites advertise, mock and make a living off publically broadcasting humiliating mugshots. This century’s equivalent to the Pillory.  Average price of removal from these murky sess pools? $399. Well, Look Your Best Under Arrest is not that website. Look Your Best Under Arrest saw an opportunity to reach those in dire need. Look Your Best Under Arrest gives you the opportunity to take your dignity back, to find helpful resources and, if not charged with a crime, get you effectively removed from the wide open internet ocean. 

How much does this cost?

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